The Care and Keeping of Your Digital Wedding Images


May 29, 2019

All of my clients receive their images via digital download through their galleries. The galleries are super easy to use to view and enjoy the photos, but they’re only guaranteed to stay online for a year. Since you’ll want to have access to your photos for way past your first anniversary, here’s a bit about how I suggest saving and backing up your images!!

STEP 1. Download images from the gallery your computer. You’ll want to use the pin provided with the email sharing the gallery link. Once you input the pin and your email address, you’ll see a screen that look like this:

I suggest choosing the “ORIGINAL” option to ensure that you’re getting the full sized image files. Web and/or high res may be more compressed file sizes. These are probably fine for emailing, sharing on the internet, or even ordering very small prints (4×6 max) but the original sized files will preserve the most amount of detail so that you’re able to print out large photos if necessary.

STEP 2. Save the downloaded image files to at least two external sources that are compatible with your computer. I suggest a hard drive and a flash drive. A flash drive is great because it’s small enough that you can put it in a fireproof safe or a take it to a safe deposit box at a bank. It’s important to have an extra backup somewhere away from your home!

(Here are my favorite flash drives and portable hard drives)

STEP 3. Save your image files to a cloud gallery service. This could be something like Dropbox or Google Photos. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get FREE unlimited photo storage, so that would be a really great option as well!

STEP 4. Every few years (maybe every other anniversary?) re-evaluate your storage solutions and update if necessary.

The key here is to have multiple backups using both physical and cloud options. Technology is always rapidly advancing and it’s not unusual for typical ways of accessing files to become obsolete. Remember floppy disks? Or even CDs and DVDs? When I first became a wedding photographer, sharing wedding photos on DVDs was the industry standard. Several years later, most computers don’t even have a cd/DVD drive! This is exactly why the care and keeping of your digital files is so important and why routine maintenance of your system will help ensure you will be able to enjoy your images for decades to come!

Of course, the ultimate way to technology proof your wedding day photos is to have them printed! Especially as a handmade album! But that’s a story for another day…;)

I hope this post helped explain a little bit about keeping your photos safe! If you’re a client of mine and you have questions, please feel free to email me!

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