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March 4, 2015

This is going to be one of those blog posts that really seems like it has nothing to do with anything until you get close to the end. I promise, if you stick with my rambling story, there will be a direct correlation between the crazy story and my business!! Bear with me!


Friday night was one of those nights where I just HAD to have chocolate cake. I actually bought Nutella to make Table for Two blog’s Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake earlier in the week. I knew with snow in the forecast, dessert would be a given. I was rushing to put this cake together, grabbing ingredients to throw in my mug so I could get back to watching House of Cards, when something fell out of the damn cabinet and bounced off of ONE spot on my computer screen. So, I broke my computer trying to make a mug cake. Who does that?? I needed the cake even more after that! Talk about being stressed! I haven’t even had this computer a full year yet! Obviously, I added ice cream to the mug cake.

I backed up my computer as best as I could with the screen cracked and lines all through it and then took it into the Apple store first thing the next morning. I knew it was my fault and that my warranty didn’t cover accidental damage, but I just crossed my fingers the damage wasn’t too expensive to repair. I’d seen online estimates as high as $900!! It ended up being FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. Still a lot. I felt tears coming on thinking about it, but didn’t start actually crying until the nice apple guy told me it would be THURSDAY before I got my computer back. Thursday! The week before a workshop! I panicked at the idea of not being able to do much to run my business until I got it back.

But this is where the story gets good: I went to pick it up yesterday and was ready to pull out my credit card when the guy says “you’re covered under warranty, so all we need is your email to send you a receipt”. Even though they told me three days ago it wasn’t covered! I don’t know if they took pity on me (I was pretty pitiful…a grown woman crying in the mall!) or if they just do nice things sometimes, but it reinforced how much I love Apple. It also reminded me the kind of business I want to run. I want a business that cares for people and has a heart. They not only had my computer done faster than they’d promised, but they gave me a break. Through the process, they earned a customer for life!

I like to look for the lessons in the situations that life sends my way, and this time I’m looking at ways that I can be like Apple and make my clients as happy as they made me yesterday. Thank you Apple dude! You made my week!


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  1. Alicia Lacey says:

    haha oh Katie! This story is funny, after the fact, but I bet was terrible in the moment! I had a really great experience with a cracked screen at Apple too — that’s how they keep us coming back!!

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