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July 28, 2015

Share professional DSLR Photos on your Instagram account easily with this simple hack!

It always shocks me (and scares me a little bit, too!) how quickly technology and industry trends change. When I started my business Facebook was the main form of social media to use. These days Facebook is not really all that great for spreading the word about your business organically (though, there are still lots of reasons to keep your FB page going) and Instagram seems to be gaining popularity, especially for photographers and other wedding vendors!

Instagram hack for pro wedding photographers

Instagram has become more and more important to my business. Just this year alone I’ve received several inquiries from people who found me on Instagram and booked two of them! That means Instagram, a free platform, has been worth at least $7k to me! That is amazing!

I think it’s really important to share a good balance of my work and personal life on Instagram. My personal photos are typically iPhone photos edited in the VSCO app, but my work photos are all photos taken with my 5D Mark III or with one of my film cameras. There are probably a dozen or more ways to get your photos from your computer to your phone for the purpose of Instagramming them, BUT I have found the easiest one is Airdrop!

If you have don’t have a Mac computer and an iPhone, that’s totally fine, but stop reading right now as none of this will apply to you. Sorry guys! Come back tomorrow…or better yet, head to the Apple store, stat! (I kid, I kid!)

To use airdrop to send photos from your computer to phone (or phone to computer) you don’t need wifi or even a strong phone signal…you just need a bluetooth connection! Just click on the image (or images) you want to send, go to “share” and then select “Airdrop”. If your phone is connected to Bluetooth you’ll see it pop up as an option. All you do is click on yourself, and boom, the images go over super quickly and are saved right to your camera roll. BAM.

Step one: Go to click on your image and choose “share” and then AirDropUsing Airdrop to share photos for Instagram_2

Step two: Choose yourself. If you don’t see yourself, make sure Bluetooth is on on both your computer and your phone!

Using Airdrop to share photos for instagram_1

This is what it will look like on your phone when you’ve succeeded.

Using Airdrop to share photos for Instagram_3

I particularly love this feature when I am photographing a wedding at a venue that does not have wifi. I send one of the images from the same day slideshow to my phone with airdrop and share it to instagram using the couple’s hashtag. Anyone else who hashtags their wedding or checks the hashtag will see my photo AND easily find my account and my work! Be sure to use your business hashtag so they can see a mini portfolio of your work if they click it!! You could also share your peeks to Facebook from your phone but I’m very picky about how I format my Facebook images due to the way they compress images, so I wait til I have internet and can do it from my computer.

Hope this little tip helps someone be more efficient with their ‘gramming!

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  1. Katie McC | Katie's Kronicles

    April 25th, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Looks like I need to invest in a Macbook computer haha! This is awesome. I had no idea you could do this! Thanks. =)


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