Virginia Beach Wedding Photos | Francis + Aamir


February 2, 2017

Our final wedding of 2017 was one I’ll never forget! Francis and Aamir’s Pakistani wedding celebration sounded so unique when she described it to me before the big day, and it definitely lived up to my expectations! It was absolutely gorgeous, filled with color, light, and beautiful, sparkly things. Every detail was so well thought out and all of their guests were so well taken care of! Including, us their photographers, and their video team, too! I will never forget how sweet they were to seat us with their friends and family at dinner and how they made sure we had some of the amazing food!

I loved the glitz and glamour of this day, but even more so, the quiet, simple love that Francis and Aamir share! My favorite moments from their wedding day were their sweet first look (where both of them teared up!) and their private last dance after all the guests had gone outside for the sparkler exit! With such a big wedding day celebration (that spanned two whole days!) it would be easy to get caught up in things, but I noticed that they both made time for one another throughout everything else that was happening, which seemed like such a perfect metaphor for marriage!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images!!

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  1. Sarah Mitchell

    February 2nd, 2017 at 11:33 am

    oh my goodness! This is so beautiful! Everything about this wedding is just so colorful and sparkly and just stunning!What a way to end the year!

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