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February 11, 2020

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m truly a planner at heart. Planning ahead makes my heart happy! I love to have an idea of what’s ahead so that I can mentally be ready for anything. I wholeheartedly believe that preparation is key to most things, but especially to creating a stress-free, relaxed wedding day environment for each of my clients.

Over the last nearly 9 years of photographing weddings, I’ve come up with a system that works well for me and my clients. I thought I’d share it here on the blog so that anyone who’s interested in potentially working together can have an idea of what the process looks like! If you’re a planner like me, I’m sure you’ll love getting an idea of what you can expect…but if you’re not, this should help you feel at ease that me and my team have a game plan ready!

Booking Process

So you’ve decided you want to work with me (yay!!)…what are the next steps?? All of my booking is handled online and it’s a super easy process. I’ll create an online proposal for you where you can select your package and any optional add-ons. Once you’ve picked everything out, your contract and invoice will be automatically generated. You can sign the contract and pay your retainer online. Once both of those things are complete, we’re all set and you’ve officially crossed another big thing off of your to-do list!!

After my clients book their wedding with me I’m available for help with whatever is needed. I’m happy to recommend vendors, offer suggestions and feedback, or whatever else you might need! I’ve been in the wedding industry nearly a decade and I’m happy to be a resource for you!

3-6 Months Before the Wedding 

Often the next step after booking is to think about when you want to do your engagement session. Most couples choose to do theirs 3-6 months before the big day (this can vary depending on season and availability) but it’s a good idea to start thinking about a time frame so that we can schedule this. 

60 Days Before the Wedding

I send each of my couples an online wedding day questionnaire to fill out around two months before the big day. Since each wedding is a unique event, this helps me prepare by learning in advance what to expect at your wedding. 

The questionnaire asks about different traditions and customs you might be including, what family formal shots you want, and lots of other things that I’ll be able to use as I get ready for your big day! I also use the information received to be sure that we allot the perfect amount of time for each portion of photos (bridal party, bride and groom portraits, reception detail photographs, etc).

Six Weeks Before the Wedding

The balance on your photography package is due 6 weeks before the big day. I like to get this out of the way early so that it’s one less thing you have to worry about in the hectic days leading up to the wedding day! You can always upgrade your package or add on additional items up until the final payment is due. 

Three weeks before the wedding

This is when we’ll schedule a time to chat for a few minutes to go over any questions you might have for me, as well as any other last minute details that may have popped up since we’ve last been in touch. 

Once we’ve had our chat (we can do this over the phone, or by FaceTime or Skype if you prefer) I’ll use all of the information I’ve received from you to prepare your photography timeline. 

The photography timeline is something I create for each client (even if you have a wedding planner creating the main timeline) because it’s a helpful guide as to what I’ll be working on throughout your day. This helps me ensure that there is enough time allotted for me to capture each segment of the day (bridal party, details, portraits, etc) and gives you a sense of what to expect!

I’ll also attach a list of your family formals to this timeline and send everything over to you for approval…consider this the photography “game plan” for the day of! I believe that preparation is key to having a stress-free and enjoyable experience, so this is an important part of my process 🙂

The Day of the Wedding 

Woo hoo! It’s party time!! I typically arrive at the bride’s getting ready location about an hour or so before it’s time to get into the dress. That’s when I’ll start working on photographs of the “getting ready” details such as the rings, the bride’s gown and bouquet, shoes, stationery suite, etc. The rest of the day will flow from there based on the timeline we worked together to create ahead of the big day. 

The week after the wedding

It’s honeymoon time! And, also sneak peek time!! You can look forward to a few sneak peeks from me within a week of your wedding day. I usually share a few on social media, so be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages 🙂

Two months after the wedding

Delivery time on wedding galleries can vary based on the time of year and the rest of my workload, but typically you can expect to receive your wedding images before your two month anniversary!  I’ll email you a link to your online gallery that you can use to download and share your wedding day photos. 

Depending on the wedding and what your unique needs may be this timeline can look a little different, but this is a good general idea of what the process looks like when we work together! I hope this was helpful and informative, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out by shooting me an email!

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