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Branding Session for Bri & Wes Photography

The photos I’m going to share with you guys today were some of the most fun to photograph! I think that has a lot to do with how much fun Bri and Wes of Bri & Wes Photography are…their positive, spirited energy shows through in all that they do, so of course it was easy to capture in photos! It helps that this is the THIRD time I’ve gotten to photograph them together…I photographed their engagement session and then their wedding day back in 2015!!

It’s been so much fun watching their business successes over the past couple of years that I’ve known them. Shooting this session for their upcoming rebrand was such an honor and a joy!! I’m so glad to have met these two!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session at Paisley and Jade!


Six years

Yesterday was my six year business anniversary and it’s funny to me that six years ago you could have asked me what I might be doing in six years and I probably would have said I didn’t know. I would have hoped I’d be doing this, but back then this business was mostly just lots of big dreams and not a lot else. I had no website, no experience, didn’t own very much in the way of camera gear, and I had no idea how I’d save up for what I needed/wanted! I remember one day sitting at my desk, scrolling looking at camera gear, and thinking to myself “There’s no way I can do this…it would probably take forever to build a business and I can’t even picture it right now”. Little did I know all of the hard work that I’d put in over the next months and years would lead me to be sitting at my desk today, typing out a six-year anniversary post!

It’s been six years since I picked up my camera and photographed my first wedding and I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach that I felt that day and how I didn’t even eat before because I was so nervous! My hands were shaking a little bit as I worried about missing some kind of pivotal moment or picking the wrong kind of light to shoot in. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Six years after that first wedding, I’ve photographed over 125 weddings and while I’m no longer nervous to the point where I can’t eat before I start shooting, I still take every wedding day as seriously as I took my first one. It’s a privilege to be a part of one of the biggest days of someone’s life! And to included in so many intimate moments throughout that big day is always such an honor to me. I don’t take that lightly and I’m thankful to every single one of our clients who’s let us into their world over the past six years!

My life has changed in a thousand ways since that first wedding and although the journey to where I am today hasn’t always been easy, it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m grateful every day to have the opportunity to make something that I love into a career! Happy six years to KNP!


Photo Things – Instax Mini Printer Review

Over the past few years, one thing is for sure…Polaroids have totally made a comeback! I remember my parents buying a polaroid camera when I was in elementary school. I had a science project and we needed something that could take quick photos so we could add them to the project that same evening. Back in those days, before cell phones and snap chat, this was the quickest, most convenient way to take a photo! As a kid, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to hit the shutter on our polaroid camera and have a photo in your hand almost instantly.

Although technology has evolved by leaps and bounds since I was in Elementary school (let’s not even get into how many years ago that was!!) I think polaroid type cameras have come back into our day to day life BECAUSE there’s so much advanced technology right at our fingertips. I think having access to so many wonderful, fancy things has almost created a societal craving for a simpler time when the coolest thing you could do photography-wise was print out a fun little photo almost immediately after taking it.

I personally LOVE having tangible representations of the photos that I take. I don’t believe that photos are meant to live on computers and phones. Of course, our portable devices make it so much easier to enjoy our photos wherever we go, and I love that…but there’s just something so special about being able to hold a photo in your hand.

Anyway, you’ve most likely seen the Fuji Instax cameras or the Polaroid film sold by the Impossible Project. I own an Instax camera myself and while I love it, I’ve found something that I love even more! Enough to write an entire blog post about it!

The downsides to the Instax camera were: 1. It’s kind of clunky and not easy to carry around with me. 2. The photos are not always the greatest. I realize that’s part of it’s charm, however, as a professional photographer, I AT LEAST, want photos that are exposed halfway decently. Is that asking too much?!?

The Instax mini printer solves BOTH of those problems! You use your phone (via an app you can download from the App Store, or the Android equivalent of the App Store) to print out photos saved on your phone! If you have “nice” photos saved to your phone, you can print those too! I don’t have to carry the Instax camera or the printer anymore…I just wait til I get home and print the photos out! (Ps, while writing this post I discovered that there’s a newer version out…and it comes in GOLD!!)


The photo quality is SO much better and I never feel like I’m wasting the film, which is not the cheapest (hint, buy it on Amazon or I think this camera would make a wonderful gift! It would also be really fun to give or get as a bride or bridesmaid…think of all the fun, memorable moments at and leading up to a wedding (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, honeymooning, etc) that would make totally fun Instax moments?? AND…Mother’s Day is soon! Moms love photos, guys!

I swear this is not an advertisement for it…I just love mine so much and I thought you guys should all know about this amazing photo thing. Hope you all go and buy one! If you do, let me know what you love about it in the comments!!


Planning Tips: What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Want to know something funny? Before we started photographing weddings almost six years ago the only wedding we’d ever been to was our own! It’s kind of crazy to think back to that time…especially since now we’ve been to over 125 of them!

Since we’ve got a few weddings under our belt, it’s usually pretty easy for us to decide what we should wear to a wedding whether we’re guests or photographers. If you haven’t been to as many weddings as us, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

One of my favorite ideas for wedding guest attire is to rent it. Rent the Runway has tons of great options for women. They’ve got things at all different price points and they carry lots of dresses and jumpsuits by designers I’d never wear otherwise!

For guys, there’s the Black Tux! The Black Tux kind of like the Rent the Runway for guys. They make it so easy to decide what to wear and the process is really simple too!

If you’re attending a wedding soon, or you’re looking for helpful content to add to your wedding website to share with wedding guests as a  bride or groom planning your wedding day, check out this helpful infographic from The Black Tux with some insight on how to dress for different types of wedding days!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in renting a sweet tux for an event coming up, check out tuxedo rentals page!! John and I can’t wait to have an excuse to dressed up and try it out for ourselves!!


Airlie Wedding Photos | Rebekah + Chris

My favorite thing about this time of year is the return of wedding season! I enjoy the downtime during the winter because it’s nice to have a chance to get things organized again for the next season, but shooting is where it’s at 😉.

We kicked off our 2017 season with Rebekah and Chris’ wedding at Airlie in Warrenton. After days of storms, we were treated to the perfect spring weather for their garden ceremony! I loved spending time with Rebekah, Chris, and their friends and family who came from all over to be a part of the wedding day. Enjoy a few of my favorite images!

(Scroll to the end to see all of the vendors involved with this wedding)


Venue: Airlie // Coordinator: Sparkling Events // Flowers: Shelley’s Floral // Cake: Gateau // Band: In Full //Makeup: Beauty by Judi // Bridal Gown: Casablanca // Rentals: Main Street Linens //

(Interested in working with us? We’ve still got a couple 2017 dates left and are booking for 2018! Email me for more details)