If you’re following me on Instagram, you might already know this….but if not, the secret’s out now! I’m changing up my brand! I don’t want to call it a full rebrand, because I intend on keeping my logo (you might see it in a new color, though!) but it’s going to be a re-vamped, updated version of Katie Nesbitt Photography.

This brand was my first real brand! I made the decision to work with Ravyn about a year after shooting my first wedding, and it’s one of the best choices I ever made for my business. At the time, I was shooting all of my weddings and sessions with a used 50D camera body I bought off of Ebay and renting my lenses. I only owned a 50 1.4, my main camera body, and a Rebel backup at the time. Most people probably thought it was silly to invest on a brand, on “looks” at the time, especially not having pro level equipment at the time, but I felt strongly about my decision. I’ve seen this phrase floating around social media and it’s very true for me….”You can rent your gear, but you can’t rent your brand, or your client experience”. Branding is a huge investment at any point in your career, but it’s one that I think is one of the most important you can make.

Current Site

So why have I decided to move on from this look to the next big thing? After three years of having the custom, unique website that Ravyn built for me and growing my business exponentially in that time, I am starting to feel ready to grow a little bit more. Like I wrote in this post, I feel like your brand should be like a comfortable pair of jeans you have. The kind that give you room to grow. Since I feel like I’m growing out of my current branding, I figured it was time to do something new! And what better time than now since we are going to be launching our new promo film soon too??

As important as it is to invest in a great brand from the start, it’s also really important to keep re-evaluating yourself and be sure that your brand continues to be relevant and represent you really well. Branding is definitely not a one and done thing. Even companies who have extremely recognizable brands like Wendy’s or Dominos change up their branding when their message has changed or their old branding starts to feel less representative of them. For small business owners, it should be no different! As you grow, you should continue to evaluate things and see where you are.

For my brand “upgrade” I’m working with Three Fifteen Design again! I am thrilled to be working with her. She’s amazing! And if you’re interested, here are a few peeks at some inspiration I pulled to share with her as we start out on this project:

Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0064

Not too different, but a more refined, look that suits 2015 and beyond me a bit more. I’ve shown a few close friends so far and the feedback I’m hearing is that this really looks like “me”!  I’m really excited about where this new adventure is headed and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a calligraphy workshop with Sincerely Amy Designs and As You Wish Events! After meeting Amy last year and working with her several times since then, I’ve come to love her, and her work. She is such a sweet, down to earth person, and she’s ridiculously talented too! When she announced she was hosting a workshop, I was actually in Italy at the time, but I decided I needed to go ahead and book my seat so I didn’t miss out. That’s how much I wanted to go!

Sincerely Amy Designs Workshop

It was so much fun to make a few new friends and spend the afternoon learning something new. I’ve been playing around with calligraphy for a little while, but this was my first opportunity to learn from a pro.  I think it’s so important for photographers and other creative people to pick up other artistic hobbies as a way to stay creative in our own fields. And really, I’ve learned that life is just too short to not jump into things you really want to do, whether that’s calligraphy or anything else.

This was my last weekend off for about 8 weeks…by the time I have another Saturday off, it will be summertime! Here’s to busy season, and to all 9 of our couples who are getting married between now and the end of June!

Hope you guys have a great week!!


I think I wrote on Facebook that if I could photograph Darby and Chad’s wedding every single weekend, I would. Once you see these images and hear about how wonderful the two of them are, you’ll totally understand why. Darby and Chad are two of the kindest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever met, much less gotten to work with. Every interaction with them, from the initial email, to skyping to get to know each other before they booked us, their engagement session (where they put us up in a hotel AND surprised us with treats), to the way they welcomed us on their wedding day, has been such a joy! Darby gave ME a present on her wedding day! How sweet is she?? Add to their amazingness the fun, accommodating group that was their bridal party and you have an epic wedding day that couldn’t be dampened by a little rain.

I also really enjoy working with vendor friends when I can! Dear Sweetheart Events was the wedding planner and did all of the lush florals and Sincerely Amy Designs did the calligraphy. Don’t miss the escort cards she created! They’re probably the most unique I’ve seen…and the kind I’d most like to receive if I was moonlighting as a wedding guest! The rest of the awesome vendor team is credited at the end of the post.
Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0001 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0003Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0004Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0005Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0006Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0007Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0002Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0008Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0010 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0012Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0013 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0014 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0015 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0016 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0017 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0018 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0019Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0020 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0021 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0022 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0023 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0025 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0026 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0027 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0029 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0030Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0032Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0033Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0031Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0034 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0035 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0037 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0038Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0040 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0041 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0042 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0044 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0045 Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0046

Photography: Katie Nesbitt, Venue + Catering: Marriott Ranch, Planner + Florist: Dear Sweetheart Events, Videographer: John Clark, Cake: Lemon Tulip Bakery, Hair + Makeup: Claudine Fay, Stationery: Shannon Joy Paperie,Calligraphy: Sincerely Amy Designs, Bridal Gown: Curvaceous Couture, Men’s suits: Vera Wang, Ceremony Musician: Jordan Clawson


What’s Next

I haven’t written a super personal post in a little while, which feels like such departure from the way that I’ve written this blog for years. I’ve pressed publish on any number of personal posts, but for some reason, I find myself holding back a little bit more. Part of it is I’m at this weird middle stage with my business. I’m not new anymore, and I’m actually at a place where I am feeling like I need to grow and change. It’s like my skinny jeans started to get a little bit too snug and it’s time to go up a size…but, in a positive way. The trouble is, I don’t yet know what those jeans look like. Or rather, I’m trying to figure out what the next stage of growth is for Katie Nesbitt Photography. Katie Nesbitt as a person has gone through a lot of changes behind the scenes so far this year, so it’s only natural that the business, which has largely been built by me following my heart, would go through some changes too.

Industrial Romance Styled Shoot Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Old Metropolitan Hall Wedding_001

It’s kind of hard to explain this place that I’m in, but I’ll just describe it as a sophomore slump. I’m about to embark on my FIFTH season of shooting (time really does fly!!) and I’m trying to define my goals, refine my brand, and figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s kind of like my business was going through puberty. I feel like I’m at an awkward stage…outgrown my current brand, but not yet moved on to the next thing. (I’m full of metaphors today, aren’t I?)

One of the things I’m working on figuring out is how much of my personal life I’ll continue to share. I definitely want to keep it friendly around here, but I’m just not sure what that looks like yet. I hope you guys bear with me as I figure that out, because no matter what I will be blogging our wonderful clients and Photography & Business tips. With that being said, I would love to hear about things you’d like to read about on the blog! If you’re a bride or groom looking for something wedding planning related or a wedding photographer hoping to read a specific bit of education, please let me know!

Because I have recently become obsessed with cappuccinos, I will be giving away a ten dollar Starbucks card to one person who comments or shoots me an email with a suggestion! I’ll randomly pick someone Friday morning.


We talk all the time about encouraging our clients to print their images. We even talk about printing our own personal work, although somehow photographers are usually the last people to print their own photos. The one thing I don’t hear many people talking about though, is that photographers should print their own work. Their WORK work. I printed a bunch of my favorite images in advance of filming my promo film with Josh and I’m so glad I did!

Virginia Wedding Photographer Workshops_0001

I kind of wish I started doing this sooner because looking at my work in prints forces me to look at it in a different way. A lot of times the way I create images has a lot to do with how the final product will  all come together as a story. I shoot with an album, or a feature in mind at all times, so I’m always thinking “this will look great next to that other image!”. But looking through my printed work, I see the importance of also creating photographs that stand out all on their own as pieces of art.

Looking through your printed work is also so much fun! I rarely get to hold a physical representation of my work in my hands, so looking through all of these images was a treat for me. Especially since the deep matte paper they were printed on is so beautiful!

Lastly, I think it’s very important to print your images if you are on the verge of or are going through building your brand or transitioning to a new brand. It became so much clearer to me what my favorite types of images are once I could literally lay them all out on the table. If you’re working on defining or refining your style, I would highly suggest printing a bunch of your images as an exercise!

If you’re curious, these were printed by Pro DPI and they’re their Deep Matte 4×6 prints with borders added.

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