2021 Goals

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January 6, 2021

GOODBYE 2020! Hello 2021!

Isn’t it so crazy to look back at the goals we all set at the beginning of 2020? Who knew how completely off the rails the year was going to go?? Almost nothing I planned out at the beginning of the year came to fruition. I know if you’re a 2020 bride or groom, you totally know what I mean!!!

In 2020 my idea of a “goal” definitely evolved throughout the year. Since many of the things I wanted to accomplish became unrealistic, I leaned very heavily into giving myself a lot of grace and learned a lot of hard lessons about letting things go. I believe that everything has a time and place and last year it was the right time to take a step back, re-evaluate, and re-discover what is most important to me.

Although there’s a lot of uncertainty still about how 2021 will play out, I’m starting this new year cautiously optimistic about what the future holds and I’m looking forward to working towards hopefully accomplishing some exciting things!

Business Goals

Equipment upgrades
Maybe it’s sacrilege for me to say this, but I am really not technical when it comes to gear. I know how my camera works and I’ve been shooting manual for nearly a decade, but I’m really not a tech nerd. I’m a firm believer that if you know what you are doing, you can make any camera equipment take beautiful photos…however, I think it’s time to make some swaps and upgrades within my gear this year. Looking forward to trying and learning some new tools!

Update headshots
My last headshots are nearly three years old and while I still look pretty much the same, I’d like to have some fresh content for my online presence!

Blog once weekly
Blogging isn’t as critical to business success as it once was, but I think having an up to date blog with lots of content is really helpful for people who may be interested in working with you. I would love to get back into a routine with blogging this year.

Clean up old content on the blog
Speaking of the blog, it’s been going on 10 years now that I’ve been writing here and there is a TON of random old content that I could pare down and I’m sure a lot of broken links and other items I could tidy up.

Figure out a way to celebrate 10 years of KNP!
This year will mark a decade since the start of my business! I am so excited but I need to figure out a good way to mark the occasion. Should I do a giveaway? Let me know if you have an idea!

SEO improvements to the blog and website

Implement a new strategy for selling prints and products post wedding

Start a newsletter
Nothing too crazy, but I would like another avenue to share information and updates with people who are interested in what’s going on with my business and a newsletter seems like a great choice!

Create excellent, intentional work
I’m REALLY excited to get back to photographing weddings and I am making it my goal to create my best work ever this year.

Personal Goals

Make my health a priority
This includes (but is not limited to) taking vitamins, making regular doctor appointments, drinking more water, stretching, staying active, sleeping well, focusing on getting more micronutrients into my diet, and listening to my body when it tries to tell me what it needs!

Purge and reorganize
This is kind of an ongoing project for me because I feel like even when I get rid of things, stuff still accumulates all over our home. I want to focus on picking a few key areas I can purge things we aren’t using and then organizing what’s left in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing way.

Read 1-2 books per month
Last year I read a TON of books (thanks, quarantine) and I re-discovered how great reading is for me, even if I am reading fiction books. I hope to keep this good habit up this year!

Print and organize my personal photos
I plan to share a blog post about this!

Run my first ultra marathon
More to come on this soon, but I’ve run 4 regular marathons so far and am excited to go beyond 26.2 for the first time!

Whew! That was actually a lot of goals considering how uncertain things still are, but I’m really hopeful we will all have a productive, prosperous year this year! Thanks for sticking around through 2020, I am glad you are here!

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