2018 Behind the Scenes Recap


January 2, 2019

2018 is over and 2019 has just begun, which means it’s time for one of my favorite posts! My behind the scenes recap!!  I always love to take a minute to take a look back at each wedding season and remember how many places I went and how many different weddings I got to photograph.

Sometimes these outtakes are silly, sometimes they’re awkward or funny, but in general, they are just a really fun way to look back on another amazing wedding season:)

Take a peek at a few of my favorite snapshots from a busy 2018!

I spent a lot of time climbing on things this year (that’s what happens when you’re short…)…most often during the reception dancing but also very frequently for dress shots, as shown here…

I like to call this photo: The Main Reason I Carry Gum On Wedding Days. Basically gotta have fresh breath if you’re going to get this close to get a shot, right?

Although you can’t see it in this photo, I’m 99 percent sure that there is a stool I’m standing on. #shortpersonproblems

Just casually daydreaming before the ceremony starts…

I’m very particular about where people’s feet should be…especially during bridal party portraits!

Hanging with the bride and groom! Rocking a messy ponytail as usual.

The DSLR version of a selfie. Notice my friend/second shooter Melissa behind me??

If you’re one of my brides there’s a strong chance I have or will fix your hair at some point.

I was so obsessed with this little camper bar! Also, have you noticed how often I wear this dress? Jcrew for the win!!

Double checking the family formal list with Christien and James.

Giving more directions on what people should be doing with their feet.

More foot directions…ha!! And then peeping to make sure I got the shot I wanted.

I’m also a professional dress arranger!! Do you even know how important this trait is in a wedding photographer??

Styling details in the corner…one of my favorite parts of the day!

Me probably complimenting Lindsay for the 100th time that hour on her dress. It was pretty amazing!

The messy ponytail again and some kind of awkwardness…

Showing Laura and Alex how amazing they looked! They were too cute!!

Large bridal parties are when my bossy side comes out.

More details! I was obsessed with Karen’s flowers by Sweet Root Village!

This was shortly before I got stung on my chin by a ginormous mosquito....

Me probably saying “Go ahead and scoot in superrrrr close to your neighbor…SUPER close”

Heidi was such a trooper…I look at myself wearing my coat and I shiver remembering how cold and windy this was. But it was so worth it because LOOK AT THAT LIGHT!!

When you are 5’2” and a wedding photographer, you develop some serious calf muscles…

Me trying to yell directions over the wind….this group nailed it during bridal party pictures despite the cold!

Making sure the bride and groom get their steps in for the day (kidding)

“Directing”. I actually love this part of my job 🙂

Always cheesing behind my camera. Also, I use my left eye to shoot and keep my right eye open. Who else does this?

Ring shots take lots of focus!

More details! Shooting them on neutral backgrounds is always my goal!! Sometimes this means utilizing something available in the room, sometimes this means bringing in my own fabrics or styling boards.

I thought this was funny because I look so happy…I’m totally in my element here!

I can’t end this post without a huge thank you to everyone who made my 2018 season happen, including my amazing clients, who trusted me and my vision to document their wedding days…but also my INCREDIBLE team of second shooters. I worked with a handful of awesome people this year and I wish I had BTS photos of all of them but I only got a few…

Here are some cheesy shots I took of a couple of my amazing second photographers this year:

(L-R Travis Curry, Melissa Desjardins, Sarah Goodwin, Serena Jae)

Thank you all so much for an awesome year!! Whether you are a client of mine, a fellow industry friend who’s shared support or advice, or even just a blog reader who shares my work with others, your support means the world to me!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Ah this just made my day! We loved working with you and Serena and these BTS photos are such a nice bonus!

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