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May 5, 2015

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might already know this….but if not, the secret’s out now! I’m changing up my brand! I don’t want to call it a full rebrand, because I intend on keeping my logo (you might see it in a new color, though!) but it’s going to be a re-vamped, updated version of Katie Nesbitt Photography.

This brand was my first real brand! I made the decision to work with Ravyn about a year after shooting my first wedding, and it’s one of the best choices I ever made for my business. At the time, I was shooting all of my weddings and sessions with a used 50D camera body I bought off of Ebay and renting my lenses. I only owned a 50 1.4, my main camera body, and a Rebel backup at the time. Most people probably thought it was silly to invest on a brand, on “looks” at the time, especially not having pro level equipment at the time, but I felt strongly about my decision. I’ve seen this phrase floating around social media and it’s very true for me….”You can rent your gear, but you can’t rent your brand, or your client experience”. Branding is a huge investment at any point in your career, but it’s one that I think is one of the most important you can make.

Current Site

So why have I decided to move on from this look to the next big thing? After three years of having the custom, unique website that Ravyn built for me and growing my business exponentially in that time, I am starting to feel ready to grow a little bit more. Like I wrote in this post, I feel like your brand should be like a comfortable pair of jeans you have. The kind that give you room to grow. Since I feel like I’m growing out of my current branding, I figured it was time to do something new! And what better time than now since we are going to be launching our new promo film soon too??

As important as it is to invest in a great brand from the start, it’s also really important to keep re-evaluating yourself and be sure that your brand continues to be relevant and represent you really well. Branding is definitely not a one and done thing. Even companies who have extremely recognizable brands like Wendy’s or Dominos change up their branding when their message has changed or their old branding starts to feel less representative of them. For small business owners, it should be no different! As you grow, you should continue to evaluate things and see where you are.

For my brand “upgrade” I’m working with Three Fifteen Design again! I am thrilled to be working with her. She’s amazing! And if you’re interested, here are a few peeks at some inspiration I pulled to share with her as we start out on this project:

Marriott Ranch Wedding Photography_0064

Not too different, but a more refined, look that suits 2015 and beyond me a bit more. I’ve shown a few close friends so far and the feedback I’m hearing is that this really looks like “me”!  I’m really excited about where this new adventure is headed and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

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  1. Amanda Adams says:

    It’s beautiful!!! So very grown up and SO very YOU!!!! I can’t wait to see it all come together!!

  2. Maria says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see…I love ‘brand refinements’ 🙂

  3. This looks beautiful! I love that this feels like a more mature version of your brand and is appropriate for where you are in your life and business. I can’t wait to see more!

  4. ashley link says:

    YAY! The direction you’re heading in looks awesome! I’m in the process of refining my brand too! Seeing all of your growth makes me so excited! You have come so far and are doing awesome! Can’t wait to see your new brand! 🙂

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