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October 7, 2015

It’s been a while since the last time I did one of these round up posts. Since the blog has been a lot of business related stuff lately, I thought it was time for something fun! As the weather starts to get cooler and we begin to settle into Fall, I’m starting to become a little less reluctant about the seasons changing. My hair couldn’t love this time of year more! I have found a few little “mini-obsessions” lately though that distract me from the fact that winter is on it’s way. Here are those things!

How to photograph a rainy wedding day_0014The Mindy Project

This is one of my favorite shows! It almost met its demise back in the spring when Fox cancelled it, but luckily Hulu picked it up! If you like comedies and could use a half hour escape once a week, check it out!

Minnetonka Moccasins
These are the silver lining to the Fall season for me. I dislike cold weather very much and Fall only serves to remind me that it’s about to get real cold, real fast. BUT, Fall also means it’s cool enough to wear my Minnetonkas again. I wear them everywhere and they even double as slippers for me. They made it onto my travel must-haves list and would probably make it in if I ever was famous enough to have a “Katie’s Favorite Things” tv episode like Oprah. YOU GET MOCCASINS, AND YOU GET MOCCASINS!

Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream
If you aren’t following my food/running Instagram account (@katielovestoeat) then you might not know this, but I’m trying to get in shape for our trip to Hawaii! We’re having a portrait session done and my goal is to be in good enough shape to wear my bikini in some of the photos! I have always been skinny but not really muscular and I want to look muscle-y! I’ve been upping my protein intake and trying to eat better and this Halo Top Creamery ice cream is so awesome for that! It’s only 240 calories in a pint and is 24 grams of protein. SO GOOD. Doesn’t have a weird aftertaste or anything!!!

Boom Chicka Puffs
If you know me at least slightly well, you probably are well aware of my junk food addiction. I try really hard to eat better, but I’m just a junk food junkie at heart!!! I discovered these puffs by accident after buying them thinking they were the Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn that is so delicious. It was such a fun surprise to find a cheese puff instead!! I love these because they’re a more guilt free way to eat junk without inhaling a ton of chemicals and stuff.

Paula’s Choice Skincare products
I have suffered from adult acne for most of my twenties. It’s gotten worse in my late twenties which kind of sucks because this is supposed to be the one time of my life when I have good, wrinkle free skin without blemishes! Isn’t it?? I stumbled upon the website of the Cosmetics Cop a while back and started trying out some of her products. Right now I use a BHA, a facial cleanser, a serum, and moisturizer of hers and it’s really made a difference! I still get a pimple from time to time (thanks, hormones) but they’re less of the painful, cystic pimples and more or less just annoying. I highly recommend trying her products!

Amazon Pantry
Okay, admittedly, I am very late to the Amazon Prime game. This year is my first year having it besides when they offer a free month trial every once in a while. I bought it after they put it on sale when Transparent won an Emmy (which, if you haven’t watched it and you are ok with some nudity and adult content, you should totally check out!). I am in busy season mode right now, Prime Pantry is really cool because you can order a whole box of heavy stuff for only $5.99. So instead of going to the store to buy cat litter, toilet paper, etc, you can just order it online! The only downside is, you have to make a note of things BEFORE you run out of them, otherwise, it could be an awkward few days between you and your cat if she doesn’t have litter.

Essie “In the Lobby”
Dark nail polish colors are my favorite! One thing I’ve learned though is it can be kind of tricky to find a good dark polish that suits your skin tone well. Essie In the Lobby looks great with the yellow undertones in my skin and wears decently long for a dark polish. I’ll probably be wearing this all Fall!

Well, those are the things I’m obsessed with lately! What are you loving right now? I’d love to hear in the comments!!

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