Favorite 2015 Detail Photos


January 13, 2016

I’m so excited to finally start these “best of” weddings posts for 2015! It really does feel like every year goes by more quickly than the last, but I like to think that going back and reminiscing a little bit helps make time slow done at least a little;) I also have so much fun looking through the images we took and remembering each wedding day that we were a part of!

Details continue to be one of my favorite things to photograph at weddings. Though we’ll have been married five (FIVE!!?!) years this upcoming May, I still remember how hard I worked to put together our wedding day details. So much care goes into making them special and heartfelt. They’re an important piece of the wedding day story that you’ll want to share with your kids and your grandkids one day! Either way, you’ll definitely want to look back and remember how it felt to be there on your wedding day and the details play a big part in that ????

Here are some of my favorite detail images from 2015!!

Wedding Detail Photography_001Wedding Detail Photography_006Wedding Detail Photography_005Wedding Detail Photography_002Wedding Detail Photography_003Wedding Detail Photography_004Wedding Detail Photography_010Wedding Detail Photography_014wedding detail photos_0087Wedding Detail Photography_013Wedding Detail Photography_012Wedding Detail Photography_037 NWedding Detail Photography_039NWedding Detail Photography_016Wedding Detail Photography_017Wedding Detail Photography_024Wedding Detail Photography_028NWedding Detail Photography_018wedding detail photos_0086wedding detail photos_0090

Want to see more of our favorites from 2015? Be sure to check back next week for my favorite portraits!

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