Goodstone Inn Engagement Session | Jessi + Starski


April 28, 2016

Jessi and I chatted about engagement session locations before their shoot and she eventually emailed me to say that she’d picked out the perfect spot in Middleburg…Goodstone Inn and Restaurant! I was so excited because I’ve never been there before. Shooting in new places always really inspires me and gets my creative energy going, so I look forward to visiting places for the first time! This session proved to be no exception to that! It helped that Goodstone Inn is GORGEOUS! And, Jessi and Starski are pretty good looking, too!

I know I say this all the time, but we really had so much fun hanging out with these two during their session. They both have such a great sense of humor and came ready to cuddle and take direction, so they were a dream to work with! Add to that the perfect light and Sunday evening weather, and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing engagement session!

Here are a few faves from our evening!!

Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0001Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0002Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0003Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0004Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0006Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0009Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0011Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0007Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0012Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0014Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0013Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0015Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0016Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0019Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0017Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0018Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0020

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