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January 20, 2015

If you’re a wedding photographer who shoots with all prime lenses like we do, having a shooting bag is pretty much an essential. It’s nice to be able to carry a lens or two on your person so that you’re ready to swap them out when you need to make a quick change. In addition to our Pelican case, which we take to every wedding, we also both have shooting bags. A couple of years ago I reviewed my shooting bag here on the blog (I have a Kelly Moore B Hobo…you can read the review here, if you’re interested!), but I never blogged about John’s bag! Last year at the end of WPPI, I was able to get an amazing deal on an UNDFIND bag on the last day of the conference. I had no intention of buying a bag while I was in Vegas, but after seeing one of their bags that one of our friends had bought, I went to check out their booth and was super impressed by the bags and their attention to detail. The bag that John has (the 10 inch One bag) has about a bajillion different little features that make it so practical and so wonderful to have handy on a wedding day. My favorite is probably that the cover (which you can swap out if you prefer a different look, or want to match your outfits or something) has pockets for CF cards and doubles as a lens cloth! SO handy. Especially for when we travel with this bag!

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Another handy feature if you travel a lot, like we do for weddings is the amazing luggage strap on the back. Being able to slide the bag onto your suitcase and secure it is awesome for when you’re lugging a lot of things around. I can even see this as being nice on a wedding day if you shoot alone a lot and carry a shooting bag and a bigger roller bag with you.

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(It’s also Cat-Approved, if that matters to you!)

One thing that John’s bag has that I wish my camera bag had, is the incredibly comfy, squishy, shoulder strap! My bag doesn’t have the most comfortable strap…which isn’t a huge deal, but towards the end of a long day, I get really jealous of John’s squishy strap.

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The only small negative I can think of is that the clip that attaches the strap to the bag has a tendency to squeak. John sprays his every once in a while with WD/40, which definitely helps. Honestly, if we had known the hinges would get a little squeaky, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for us, because the bag suits John’s needs in every other department!

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 All in all, I feel like this bag was an excellent buy for the price. It’s versatility alone is what convinced me to buy it (and one of the things that makes us love it more and more with every wedding!) but we’re also really happy with the quality! Wedding photographers’ bags definitely take a beating, so having a bag for an entire year that still looks new is a win in our book!

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