2020 Goals

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January 14, 2020

We’re officially two weeks into the new year and I’ve finally finished my list of goals for this year! Better late than never, right?

It always takes me a little bit of time to figure out my goals for the new year because I think it’s important to really think them through. This means spending time reflecting on last year’s successes and failures before sitting down to write a list of ideas for the new year. I always have a list of on-going goals I’m working towards at any given time, but sitting down and creating a vision for what I’d like to accomplish within a whole year takes some careful thought.

So, here’s a look at my goals for 2020! I’m excited to start this decade out on a good note and I can’t wait to work towards accomplishing all of the things on my list!

Business Goals

Update/refresh my online presence. This means updating my website galleries with fresh images, refreshing my social media pages (imagery and written bios), and making sure everything is up to date and current!

Revamp my client experience. I’ve had very similar processes for this for several years now. I’d like to re-evaluate my entire client experience from initial email to final album delivery and see what improvements and changes can be made. One thing I’d like to do is figure out how to make my business a little bit more sustainable/eco friendly for the new decade!

Reorganize my office. This month I’ve been going through every room in my home to purge things and my office is up on the list! I want to make my office a more productive space that I’m excited to get into each morning.

Establish a more solid workday routine. Working from home sometimes means I can be a little lax about my routine. As long as my work gets done, it doesn’t matter when (or where) I do it, right? Although that’s technically true, I think having routines helps with productivity, so I’d like to experiment with some different modifications to my current routine to see what works best for me!

Work on intentional networking. I’m going to be completely honest here…I don’t really enjoy networking all that much. I definitely lean towards being an introvert and I’d do anything to avoid small talk. Instead of traditional networking (which doesn’t really do much for me personally) I want to focus on creating intentional avenues for networking with industry peers. I would love to cultivate some relationships with others in the wedding industry in a meaningful way! Not exactly sure what this means yet, but I’m working on figuring it out!

Blog 3-4 days a week. Although blogging has changed a lot over the years since I became a photographer, I still think it’s really important. It’s still a great vehicle for sharing content with current and potential clients and may help me with my goal of a more sustainable/eco friendly business! For years I blogged every single weekday, but I think 3-4 posts a week is a good place for me to be right now!

Read a business book a month. Although a lot of business books don’t necessarily apply to the kind of creative business that I run, I think there are probably lots of good little nuggets I can pick up. Do you have a favorite business book? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment on this post with your suggestion!

Make a 5 year plan for the business. When I first started my business 8 years ago, my big plan was just to establish myself and make my business my career. Now that I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for 7 years, I realize that I met all of my initial goals and it’s time to start planning for the future. I’d like to set some time to really write out a good plan for where I’d like to see the business go in the next 5 years!

Personal Goals

Write more on my personal blog. Did you know I have a personal blog? I write about some of the races I run, recipes I’ve tried, and other random adventures. It’s a fun little outlet for me and I’d like to put a little more effort into writing more this year. I believe the more you write the better a writer you become, so working on this can technically be beneficial for me in my business life too!

Take more photos for fun. I take so many photos for work I often find myself not even picking my phone up to take photos. I love looking back at old photos from years past (even just silly group snapshots and things) so I think it’s really important to remember to make an effort to take photos for fun whenever I can.

Work on practicing patience and staying present.

Make self care a priority. By self care I don’t mean face masks and bubble baths (not that I’d say no to either of those!), but things like drinking more water, taking my vitamins, foam rolling, and eating less junk food. I’m pretty active and I ask a lot from my body so I need to learn to take care of it better in return!

More craft/diy projects. I used to do a lot more projects, but I kind of fell off the bandwagon for whatever reason. I’d like to make more time for fun hobbies this year and I really enjoy DIY type things!

Save money! Technically this should be a goal every year, but I really want to focus on cutting out unnecessary spending in 2020 so that I have more money in savings/more money to spend on adventures/charity/etc.

That’s about it for my goal list (at least so far…) for this year. What’s on yours? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment with what you’re working on in 2020!

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