Holiday Gift Guide for the Photo Enthusiast


December 20, 2017

In this day and age, chances are if you don’t have a professional photographer in your life, you most likely still have a friend or family member who loves photography! Whether that person snaps photos for fun or their profession, this list is designed to help you shop for them this holiday season. I’ve hand selected a few things I love using myself that I believe would make great gifts!

Here’s a link to the full list on Amazon (which is super convenient if you’re still shopping, like me, and you have a Prime subscription!!)

Some of my favorite items from the list:

  1. Fuji Instax Smartphone printer. I have one of these and I love it! It’s perfect for creating little polaroid prints of your phone photos. These make wonderful gifts and mementos! I printed out a bunch of photos from my 30th birthday party this summer and sent them to some of my guests inside of thank you notes I had written them. These little prints are always a hit and I like printing them from my phone rather than using my actual instax camera, because I can already tell the photo is going to be good rather than wasting expensive Instax film. Read my full review on this product here.
  2. Pre-paid Lightroom and Photoshop Adobe Cloud Membership. These days anyone can use the new cloud based versions of Lightroom (my personal choice of editing software) and Photoshop for $9.99 a month using Adobe’s subscription plan! As a professional photographer, I write off my subscription to Creative Cloud as an expense on my taxes, so this might not be the best gift for me. However, if you have a photographer friend who’s just starting out or learning as a hobby, this would be a fantastic gift!!
  3. Canon 50 1.8. If you know someone who is venturing into the world of portrait photography, this is an amazing little lens for an incredible deal. This was one of the very first lenses I owned and I still have a spot in my heart for this little guy because it works so well, especially for the cost!! I can’t recommend this enough for a hobbyist photographer! If your budget is a little bigger, consider the 50 1.4, which is a big step up from the little 50 1.8.
  4. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. By the author of Eat Pray Love, this book talks about what it’s like to be a creative and shares an interesting perspective on harnessing our own creativity. I felt it was both inspiring and encouraging and would suggest it to anyone who enjoys creative work or hobbies!
  5. ONA Brooklyn & Bowery bags. I own both of these bags and not only are they incredibly well made, quality bags, they’re also timeless, stylish pieces I’ll be able to use for many years! I love that they don’t scream “CAMERA BAG”, which is perfect for travel, as they just look like regular bags, as opposed to bags carrying thousands of dollars worth of equipment. They’re discreet, and they go with any outfits!! The Bowery bag fits a large DSLR and one extra lens. The Brooklyn bag fits a large DSLR and two lenses. Both have a removable, adjustable dividers (the Bowery has one and the Brooklyn has two) as well as pockets where you can stash your phone, keys, wallet, etc.

That’s just a quick little recap of a few of the items on the list! Hopefully this will help you spoil the photo enthusiast in your life this year! Feel free to reach out with any questions…or if you have gift ideas of your own!



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