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Baby Vance’s Nursery

I think I’m starting to get to that age (or close to it haha) where my friends are all starting to have kids! SoView full post »

Getting Back to Basics

These days I’m incredibly disheartened by the photography industry…I’m tired of bullies and haters. IView full post »


Last week I got up at what I somewhat lovingly referred to as the “a** crack of dawn” and cautiously made myView full post »

Orange and Teal Baby Shower

When my friends Mark and Jerri told us they were expecting their first baby this fall, John and I were so excited forView full post »

Needing a break

It’s been at least a year or so since I started blogging five days a week. In the beginning, it was amazing! IView full post »

Mini Off Season Goals

Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed a little bit of a trend…May and June are super popular forView full post »

Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday is on Sunday, so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a gift! Since I can’t really give ALL ofView full post »

Orange and Teal Baby Shower Inspiration

Today’s post is something a little bit different from what I might normally post about, but I thought it would beView full post »


Maybe a month or so ago I read a post written by Christy Tyler, a photographer I follow and admire. (You should readView full post »

Things I’m loving – Spring edition

I know I have been absent from the blog so much more than usual lately and I’m so sorry about that! Who knew thatView full post »


I woke up this morning and noticed my iPad was still in the bed with me, like I had fallen asleep last night while I wasView full post »


Semi-recently I made a discovery about myself and the way that I’ve been running my business as well as my life.View full post »

Another ten things you (probably) didn’t know

So I know that there are many people who would say that even posting the first “ten things” post wasView full post »

Lots of Lunches

For wedding photographers, this time of year is kind of our “off-season”. Doesn’t mean we are actuallyView full post »

Apartment Living

We live in an apartment, but I’ve never felt like that meant I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) decorate. IView full post »